Vx Sustain: Enterprise Refrigerant Management

Vx Sustain refrigerant management software helps you seamlessly monitor refrigerant levels, warnings and reports while reducing maintenance costs and staying compliant.

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What makes vx Sustain stand out?

Vx Sustain is the longest-standing refrigerant management application on the market.

Proven results

For annual emissions, the average grocery refrigerant leak rate is 25%. Grocers in the EPA GreenChill Program record 13.5%. Vx Sustain customers? Less than 10%.

Equipment auditing

With vx Sustain, you can audit your current refrigerator’s set points to ensure they are running at the company standard and not overrunning or overcooling.

Easy-to-read charts and graphs

Vx Sustain lets you see energy use, savings trends and detail for all units in a graphical view. Consolidate and record readings from all locations via a central data manager.

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