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Published: Feb 16 2017

vx Sustain - Enterprise Refrigeration Management

Enterprise Refrigerant Management

Save Millions In Regulatory Fines, Equipment Upgrades, And Saved Refrigerant Gas.

Companies operating commercial HVAC or refrigeration systems can face enormous fines and mandatory upgrades unless every location complies with all required procedures and record-keeping provisions.

By utilizing vx Sustain, Accruent helps businesses stay in compliance, maintain up to date reports, and better manage their refrigerant leaks.

  • Keep up-to-date records of refrigeration leaks and repairs
  • Ensure that technicians have all the correct certifications
  • Track and manage all types of refrigerant across an organization

Accruent - Brochure - vx Sustain - Enterprise Refrigeration Management

Utilizing our new Verification Test and Periodic Inspection workflows and rules your business can automate your verification and inspection tests. They can also create work orders as needed while covering all legal requirements for EPA and CARB compliance. This adds up to large savings by preventing unnecessary inspections of non-leaking systems.

Be In Control Of Your Refrigerant Costs And Compliance

Manage all events for refrigeration and HVAC systems, including system details, gas types and volumes, maintenance history, leak history and technician certifications. Have full visibility into enterprise leak rates and follow-up maintenance.

Manage Your Refrigerant

  • Track and monitor all assets that use refrigerant
  • Work with any refrigerant system, HVAC system or system sensor, and funnel it all into a single dashboard
  • Manage your refrigerant tracking in accordance with current EPA and CARB regulations, including new 2020 reporting requirements

Utilize ERM Data And Your Maintenance Data

  • Integrate refrigerant management with your CMMS or Mobile Workforce Management system to speed repairs
  • View refrigerant, maintenance and equipment data into one unified user dashboard for quick insights
  • Receive warnings, reports and notifications when user-defined thresholds are breached

Ensure Compliance And Contractor Compliance

  • Keep all refrigerant data in one location to prove compliance and actively fix ongoing issues
  • Identify problems, track repairs and maintain compliance records
  • View standardized reports— including those required under state and federal regulations

Reduce Costs Of Maintenance

  • Reduce the amount of leaked refrigerant, rolled trucks and contractor time spent on repairing refrigerant leaks
  • Ensure a reduction of refrigerant use by 2-5%
  • Lower both the overall cost of repairs and the amount of refrigeration used per system event

vx Sustain by Accruent

Accruent - Brochure - vx Sustain - Enterprise Refrigeration Management

Accruent's Enterprise Refrigerant Management software is trusted around the globe by top companies. Find out how your business can benefit today.

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