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Published: Aug 20 2019

vx Observe Energy Management

IoT enabled energy management.

Companies with successful energy management programs use automated systems that integrate bills, energy meter data and high energy consuming assets. These systems will utilize critical sources such as pricing data, weather data, maintenance history, asset performance data, and schedule and setpoint data to make critical maintenance & energy decisions before the bill arrives.

  • Track energy usage and spend in context of location type and meter data.
  • Collect meter data and analyze energy use across your enterprise.
  • Identify and correct high energy use before the bill arrives.

Actively track energy spend across your enterprise.

vx Observe gathers energy-related information into a single platform to help users make informed decisions. Utility bill and meter data is analyzed to uncover hidden discrepancies and determine whether bills should be paid or escalated. vx Observe is able to ingest this data to detect, validate meter data, faults, anomalies and usage trends based on custom attributes, geographic and environmental factors.

Read data in context.

  • Utilize site attributes to read your data in context and make direct comparisons between like-sites.
  • Create and optimize baselines using historic meter data to better identify anomalies and overuse.
  • Work to eliminate noise and irrelevant benchmarks and improve your business based on data.

Have as close to real-time data as possible.

  • Instead of waiting for your utility at the end of the month, identify anomalies in close to real-time.
  • Collect all sources of data from utility bills to meter, asset, and weather data to have one clear view of your energy usage patterns.
  • Take corrective action faster and save money across your business.

View actionable data quickly.

  • All insights are provided on a single dashboard based on all utility use.
  • Only view actions and data related to your role to quickly decide what actions you need to take.
  • Directly compare meter data to the utility bills you pay at the end of each month.

Quickly identify failing assets and predict equipment failure.

  • Create work orders based on over baseline energy spend.
  • Generate dashboard alerts allowing immediate action to consumption issues.

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