White Paper

What to Look for in a Remote Monitoring Solution

Discover what to look for in an Internet-of-Things monitoring solution to control the performance of key equipment without needing someone on site.

Key items to look for and avoid.

Being best-in-class is about continuous improvement and striving to drive innovation across an organization. Within the facilities management industry, there have been huge strides in the last decade as new technologies and strategies have helped large organizations succeed when it comes to managing their facilities and assets. These technologies include connecting existing and new hardware to the cloud, and software that can monitor and control the performance of key equipment without having to have someone on site to work with the equipment first-hand.

The industry has seen a progression from manual intervention, to the outsourcing to third party services and call bureaus, to companies taking their operations back in-house to monitor their equipment remotely. This journey has been difficult for many large-scale organizations. How can a business move from manual intervention and having call-center staff manage its equipment to true, self-service remote monitoring?

Features covered are:

  • How to get started with a remote monitoring program
  • How to avoid data silos that can limit your progress
  • What to look for in hardware, call centers, and self-managed programs
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