The Accruent product family features distinct product lines designed to serve the complex needs of specific industries. Each of these products allows you to manage the lifecycle of your locations within a single real estate management system. What differentiates these product lines is their deep industry-specific functionality developed over years of experience serving customers in our areas of expertise. With this unparalleled industry experience, Accruent has the real estate and facilities management solutions necessary to help you maximize productivity and reduce costs across your organization.

360Workplace for Commercial Real Estate

360Workplace is a suite of easy-to-use cloud-based software products built from the ground up to increase profitability across the entire real estate and facilities portfolio. As a leading commercial real estate software, 360Workplace helps organizations manage more than 3 billion square feet in 120 countries and more than 16 languages. Created in 2000, 360Workplace is a SaaS-based application that has been found to reduce maintenance budgets by up to 35 percent and increase proactive maintenance by more than 100 percent. Learn more about our IWMS software and how it can help your organization improve operational efficiencies, reduce risk and drive profitability.

Accruent for Retail

The Accruent real estate management system automates the entire location lifecycle to provide you with the clarity and visibility to maximize the performance of your locations. With its deep retail site selection, project & facility management, and lease administration functionality, the Accruent product line helps you right-size your portfolio and actively manage occupancy and facilities costs. The Accruent suite offers five fully integrated commercial real estate software solutions, providing the average Accruent customer a return of more than 600% over a five-year period after investing in the Accruent product suite.

Expesite Commercial Project Management Software

The Expesite VisionPM commercial real estate project management software solution revolutionizes the way your executive team, development team, general contractors, suppliers, and vendors manage and implement real estate projects by improving communication as well as tracking project scope, design, costs, equipment, and timeline changes.

FAMIS for Higher Ed & Public Sectors

FAMIS is designed to provide your institution with the facility management solutions you need to manage the complete facilities lifecycle — from real estate acquisitions to project management, operations, maintenance, facilities management, asset management, inventory control and space management. Since 1982, FAMIS technology has stood out as a leader in providing robust facilities management software developed specifically for the higher education and public sector. The average FAMIS customer saves over $12 million over a five-year period from implementing the FAMIS suite for the full university facilities management lifecycle.

SiteFM for Healthcare

SiteFM Work Order Manager is facility management work order software that empowers smaller health care facilities teams to revolutionize maintenance control within the healthcare environment. Designed as a web-based Environment of Care management tool, Work Order Manager includes several optional modules to help you accomplish necessary tasks.

Siterra for Telecommunications

The Siterra real estate & site management software solution was created in 2001 to help real estate and telecommunications industry professionals gain total control of their sites, leases, projects and data. With features purpose-built for the telecom industry, Siterra includes a suite of commercial real estate management software focused on improving operational efficiencies for the site management lifecycle. Siterra helps more than 50,000 users manage over 1,000,000 sites and 1.7 million projects globally. Siterra is a SaaS-based offering.

VFA Facility Capital Planning

Real estate is often the second largest expense on the income statement for most companies— typically right behind labor. It is therefore critically important that facilities managers have the solutions they need to effectively plan capital spending to best align with the organizational mission. VFA software and assessment services empower organizations to objectively model multi-year capital plans that optimize building portfolio investments and align with their mission. With VFA solutions, facilities managers can more accurately forecast multi-year funding requirements and create defensible budget requests based on objective modeling of facility conditions. Trusted for more than 20 years, VFA software and services have helped more than 800 customers in more than 30 countries ensure that their facilities support their business objectives.

TMS OnLine for Healthcare

TMS OnLine is the flexible choice for computerized maintenance management needs. This application allows technicians to track asset data to pro-actively manage your organization's vital information. Our solution of automation tools constantly monitor your departmental activities and pre-defined metrics to maximize your data and your productivity. Using the TMS OnLine application, your organization can improve your regulatory compliance with our reporting module while analyzing the biomed and facility management activities. Your Maintenance and BioMed Technician productivity will increase with the ability to plan, estimate, and schedule. With accurate data, technicians now have the ability to react more quickly improving your customer satisfaction. With TMS OnLine, you select only the modules you need based on your business requirements.

iNeedIt for Healthcare Service Performance Management

iNeedIt enables hospital staff to request support using an easy-to-use interface designed for desktop and mobile devices. As a result, hospitals are able to optimize their service performance management and improve turnaround times, gain productivity, and drive patient satisfaction.

LA Cloud

Real estate is often the second-largest expense and the number one long-term financial obligation for retailers. With Accruent’s cloud-based Lease Administration solution you can manage complex lease scenarios, increase efficiency in lease executions, reduce costs through expense compliance, streamline rent processing and track critical dates. Accruent is also FASB-ready as the new ASC 842 regulations come into effect.


If 24/7 equipment or service operation is critical to your business, your operation must be “always-on”. By connecting facility management, field service and the Internet of Things in one application, you can gather data across the enterprise, including assets, parts and people. Verisae’s solutions offer real-time visibility into operations and drive long-term improvements in the asset lifecycle, the performance of your service workforce, your spare parts inventory or the energy your assets consume. You can minimize critical equipment downtime and provide better service more cost-effectively. So you can focus on the customer experience, create and execute the best plan, differentiate and sell more products, and ensure service continuity at the lowest cost. Whether you’re taking the first step in reinventing the service supply chain or you’re ready for the next step, Verisae provides solutions for always-on operations like yours.


Developed in collaboration with subject matter experts in technology, real estate, business process engineering and architecture, the BIGCenter product line delivers strategic insight that enables informed real estate decisions for owners, occupiers and investors. Our talented professionals assess each client's needs and implement solutions that fit their strategic, operational and financial goals. The BIGCenter product line that delivers strategic insight for clients at every stage of the real estate process, as well as enabling process consistency, cost optimization and workflow efficiency via real-time business intelligence tools.


For the first time, Accruent has brought together facilities management and capital planning in a single solution. The combination of VFA capital planning and FAMIS means the capital planners have visibility into the facilities department’s activities. Similarly, the facilities department can access the prioritized list of capital projects. And, best of all, management finally has a tool to understand plans and the results of capital and operational expenditures.