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Transformative Healthcare Technology Management Software (HTM Software)

Create a more connected workplace, streamline cybersecurity, maximize margins, ensure ongoing regulatory compliance and improve your standard of patient care with Accruent healthcare technology management software

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The Power of Robust Healthcare Technology Management Software

Bust interdepartmental silos, increase operating margins and streamline security and compliance efforts with intuitive healthcare technology that works for you  

Cybersecurity Made Simple 

Mitigate cybersecurity risks, block ransomware attacks and prevent hacked medical devices in your biomed, clinical engineering and facilities departments with integrated network monitoring tools, automated security processes and transparent tools that allow you to identify and prevent a breach.  

A More Connected Workplace

If you’re not talking to various areas of your organization and integrating key software tools, you face communication issues, time-consuming manual processes, missed data, wastage and lower quality of care. With Accruent’s HTM tools, you can automate, optimize and connect your systems for streamlined operations, improved margins and better patient care.

Streamlined Compliance Efforts 

One of the most important advantages of using of a modern CMMS is to achieve and maintain compliance with ever-changing regulations and to maintain high standards during performance audits required by regulatory agencies, such as The Joint Commission, CMS and DNV GL. Accruent tools provide the training, features and data needed to get this right.  

Bigger Margins

Effective asset and healthcare technology management can reduce operating costs and maximize shrinking margins by helping healthcare organizations improve inventory management, automate maintenance plans, prioritize budgets and improve capital planning decisions.  

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