Space Planning and Management Software

Unlock additional square footage, manage space allocations, optimize utilization, and lower your total cost of ownership

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The Power of Dedicated Space Planning Software

Understand your space utilization, identify capacity bottlenecks, and optimize space usage to streamline operations, balance budgets, and create exceptional experiences.

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Optimize Utilization and Lower Space-Related Costs

Gain complete control over your workspace and resource utilization. Manage floor plans, track square footage usage, improve space-related decision-making, and increase efficiency across your assets and buildings.

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Eliminate Space Management Friction

Use analytics to see your real estate ROI and big-picture utilization metrics in real time. Harness this data to make cost-saving and productivity-enhancing space decisions.

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Use Centralized Data to Improve Decision-Making

Centralize facility info, eliminate duplicate data, and house all essential information — including work order data, schedules, floor maps, and financials — in one central location to free up employee time and make smarter space choices.

Software Built to Optimize Your Space Planning

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Facilities Data Analyst, Minnesota Colleges and Universities

“We were able to replace that 83,000 sq ft building with a 23,000 square foot building. We estimate the cost savings at about $50,000,000 that we were able to save because we were able to validate the smaller building rather than the larger building [using EMS].”

Stacy Brown

Facilities Data Analyst

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Simplify Your Space Management Once and For All

Say goodbye to overcomplicated space and classroom scheduling

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Streamline Classroom and Exam Scheduling

Eliminate complexities and redundancies to experience a smooth and efficient classroom scheduling process.

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Improve Conference and Event Management

Simplify event management processes with flexible, fully integrated event management software.

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Enhance Employee Experience and Satisfaction

Utilize space planning tools to design collaborative areas, quiet zones, and wellness spaces that contribute to a positive work environment.

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Promote Sustainable Practices

Use space planning software to identify underutilized areas, reduce energy consumption, and implement sustainability initiatives within your real estate portfolio.

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Facilitate Strategic Growth Planning

Analyze current space usage to support strategic planning for expansions, consolidations, or modifications without the guesswork.

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Optimize Space Utilization

Take control of your space utilization and real estate footprint with purpose-built analytics, forecasting, and move management

Stay Ahead with Powerful Space Planning Capabilities

Check out how EMS' powerful features can help your team eliminate space and resource scheduling headaches

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Corporate Real Estate

Accruent's EMS software optimizes space planning by providing comprehensive insights into corporate real estate, driving efficiency and high ROI with integrated data analytics.

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Accruent's software, trusted by over 40% of top North American universities, delivers tailored physical resource management for educational institutions, ensuring optimal maintenance and space scheduling to align campus facilities with their academic mission.

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Interested in optimizing your space? Take a deeper look at Accruent's space planning solution.

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Space Planning

Products designed to integrate your world

Accruent software allows you to fully optimize the lifecycle of your asset and facilities, offering connected workflows, integrated experiences and data-backed insights.

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Desk, Room and Event Scheduling Made Easy

Workplace management software simplifies desk, meeting and resource scheduling for your office or campus.

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Real Estate Management Software

Market-leading real estate software solutions manage lease, site planning and construction complexities.

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Engineering Document Management Made Easy

Engineering document management system streamlines compliance and maximizes compay-wide collaboration.

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Multi-site, multi-industry CMMS software

CMMS software reduces downtime, predicts maintenance needs and managers asset and equipment inventory.

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EMS: Meeting & Room Scheduling

Eliminate complexities and redundancies to experience a smooth and efficient meeting and room scheduling process

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EMS: Custom Reports

Choose from 100+ standard EMS reports or build and share customized reports using the query builder

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FAMIS 360: Multiple Reporting Options

Get the insights you need with multiple FAMIS reporting options, including visual space management reports and overview dashboards.

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