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Space Planning Software 

Uncover additional square footage, manage space allocations, and identify areas for savings with our space planning software solutions.

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The Benefits of Space Planning Software

Effectively understanding your space utilization, identifying capacity bottlenecks, and optimizing space usage can help you streamline operations, balance budgets, and more.  

Use Centralized Data to Improve Decision-Making 

Link all your facilities data, eliminate duplicate data entry, and house all your essential information – including work order data, schedules, and budgets – in one central location to help your organization save time, reduce errors, and improve collaboration among multiple functional organizations.  

Optimize Utilization and Lower Space-Related Costs 

Complete control over your space and resource utilization will help you effectively track square footage usage, improve space-related decision-making, and gain efficiency across your assets and buildings.  

Find the Right Spaces to Fit Your Needs

Easily find the right rooms or spaces according to size, equipment, location, preference, and availability. Utilize analytics for real-time visibility into your real estate ROI and your big-picture utilization metrics.  

Eliminate Space Planning Friction 

Say goodbye to double bookings, tedious manual efforts, and poor communication with automated booking and space planning capabilities.  

Key Capabilities of Space Planning Software

Robust space planning capabilities will help your organization lower costs, optimize operations, automate processes, and more.

Automated Space Utilization Capabilities - Main
Automated Space Utilization Capabilities

Manage all aspects of space utilization, including:  

  • Employee assignments
  • Occupancy  
  • Space allocations  
  • Resource and tool availability  
  • Occupancy status  


Robust Reporting   - Main
Robust Reporting

Use configurable reporting and analytics dashboard to make sure that the right information is available to the right people at the right time. Use this information to:  

  • Lower real estate costs  
  • Discover new scheduling opportunities  
  • Increase employee satisfaction  
  • Facilitate future safety and social distancing efforts  


Mobile Capabilities   - Main
Mobile Capabilities

Manage spaces and book rooms on desktop, tablet, or mobile device for:

  • On-the-go space and maintenance management
  • Increased maintenance and room booking efficiency  
  • Simplified space and maintenance management  
  • Enhanced visibility and data transparency  
  • Streamlined operations  


Comprehensive Automations   - Main
Comprehensive Automations

With Accruent space planning solutions, you can automatically:  

  • Send automated alerts, emails, and instructions about booked spaces  
  • Get instant room booking updates, along with automated reports  
  • Manage asset move, add, and change workflows  
  • Automate transactions  


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