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Lucernex: Real Estate Management Software

Accruent Lucernex software is a comprehensive real estate management solution, from site planning to construction to lease administration.

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A Peek Inside Lucernex

See how our lease administration and accounting software can simplify compliance, streamline accounting, and more.

Lease Adminstration Software

Use our lease accounting software to maintain compliance with financial reporting standards like FASB, GASB, and IASB

Lease Accounting Schedule Capabilities

Get more detailed insight into how Lucernex' lease accounting scheduling capabilities work

Lucernex Dashboard Overview

An overview of the Lucernex dashboard and capabilities

Lucernex Accruent Products

Lx Contracts

Lease accounting software helps ensure you maintain compliance with financial reporting standards. Accurately calculate lease and expense obligations, identify underperforming assets, and ensure team efficiency. 

Lx Markets & Sites

Marketing planning and site selection software helps you leverage real-time analytics and compress site selection cycle times. Understand market conditions, make informed decisions and conclude negotiations faster.   

Lx Projects

Powerful construction project management software means you effortlessly manage new retail construction, grand openings and capital improvement projects with data-driven insights, all on time and within budget. 

Lx Transaction Management

Connect your contracts, site planning, projects and transactions. As part of your IWMS, Lx Transaction Management is an integrated solution that helps you manage the real estate transaction lifecycle.


Shape. Drive. Control.

Lucernex technologies empower your market planning, site selection, project management, lease accounting and facilities management strategies.

Get FASB/IASB compliant

Ensure compliance is achieved and maintained for current and upcoming lease accounting standards. Lucernex has a 100% success rate getting clients into compliance with standards like FASB ASC 842, IASB IFRS 16 and GASB 87. 

Effectively manage leases 

Lx Contracts provides transparency into your entire portfolio so all relevant personnel can access needed information. Quickly calculate lease and expense obligations, identify underperforming assets and ensure team efficiency.

Obtain fast site approval 

By automating data collection and centralizing your data with Lx Marketing Planning and Site Selection, you can simplify portfolio management – which in turn can help you get sites approved and start generating revenue.

Streamline project management 

Manage new location construction, openings and capital improvement processes with data-driven insights. Ultimately, this helps you allocate resources, control costs, increase cross-functional collaboration and save time.

Lucernex for the Full Real Estate Lifecycle

What is Lucernex? From identifying a site to overseeing construction to managing complex leases, Lucernex has you covered.