Multi-site, multi-industry CMMS/EAM software

Maintenance Connection is a comprehensive work order management, preventive maintenance scheduling, and parts inventory solution. Our user-friendly, web-based system helps you reduce equipment and asset downtime, maximize effectiveness, and avoid costly failures before they happen.

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A Peek Inside Maintenance Connection

See how our CMMS/EAM software can simplify complex workflows and help your team execute preventive maintenance schedules.

Service Requestor

Easily make new service requests, update requests, and stay up-to-date on the status.

Work Order Management

Easily review and assign work orders to your technicians.

Asset Work Center

View assets by hierarchy, set thresholds, and trigger work order requests automatically for more preventive operations.

Offline Mobile App

MC Kinetic offers comprehensive CMMS/EAM functionality - including work order management, asset management, and inventory management - anywhere, anytime.

The Benefits of This Powerful Asset Management Software

Maintenance Connection is a powerful, centralized computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that allows users to consolidate their key data, automate day-to-day tasks and optimize critical SOPs and processes.


Replace Legacy Systems to Facilitate Digital Transformation

Maintenance Connection can replace outdated disparate systems – like Excel sheets, Word documents and pen and paper – to help users efficiently manage work orders, asset information and other key data points. This can ultimately maximize efficiency and transparency.


Decrease Costs Over Time

Incomplete asset and facility information, reactive maintenance practices, emergency repairs – all this can lead to out-of-control maintenance costs. A robust Accruent CMMS like Maintenance Connection software can reduce these costs by streamlining key asset management processes like inventory management, work order management, and more.


Maximize Operational Efficiency

Reactive or run-to-fail maintenance can be costly and inefficient in many cases, leading to serious ROI and efficiency problems over time. With CMMS asset management software like Maintenance Connection, you can implement preventive maintenance processes, ultimately saving time, maximizing efficiency and increasing ROI.


Gain Actionable Business Insight

By consolidating information previously housed in legacy systems, spreadsheets and paper records, Maintenance Connection provides real-time, comprehensive asset and facility management information. Use this insight to gain at-a-glance insight into your warranty information, asset history, maintenance schedule and more – and use this data to improve your big-picture processes and make sure that all your team members have the information they need to do their job correctly.


Consolidate Data to Improve Processes

Using our asset management software, you can access both historical and real-time information about your analytics, inventory, asset history, work orders and service history. This information can also be exported into customizable reports to provide big-picture insight, facilitate data-driven decision-making and help improve things like efficiency, uptime and overall revenue.


Manage Assets and Facilities Anywhere, At Any Time

Using MC Kinetic, Maintenance Connection’s offline, native mobile CMMS app, users can easily manage work orders, access key information, and standardize data across locations. This can ultimately streamline operations and help maintenance teams effectively increase asset life.


Maintenance Connection CMMS Features and Functionalities