Smarter real estate decisions

Simplified Market Planning and Site Selection Software

Automate data collection, leverage real-time analytics, and compress real estate site selection cycle times to increase revenue weeks, identify and select new locations, and build quickly.

Market Planning Solutions Hero

Build Faster. Build Better.

Integrated data and analytics for deeper portfolio understanding, faster negotiations, and quicker revenue.

Get fast site approval

Streamline your real estate portfolio by centralizing your data — which in turn helps get sites approved quickly so you can start generating revenue rapidly.

Swiftly assess market conditions

Check for compatibility with nearby stores. Quickly understand asset market conditions, make informed decisions and conclude your negotiations faster.  

Forecast store performance

Easily forecast store performance and seize opportunities before they are lost. You gain insight into accessibility, parking, and other performance factors.

Increase revenue weeks

Get that new store up and running! Scout locations and specify timeframes for growth and expansion — right from the beginning — for a clear path to your end goal.

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