FAMIS 360: Facilities Management Software for Optimized Maintenance

Make better decisions about your maintenance operations. FAMIS 360 is purpose-built for public sector, CRE and education institutions so you increase productivity, maximize agility and optimize facilities and assets.

FAMIS 360 Hero
Streamline Facility & Asset Maintenance

Easily create and execute work orders via a centralized, automated work order management system

Utilize Powerful Reporting

Get an at-a-glance understanding of metrics like downtime, work order history, and OEE so you can easily save money and maximize efficiency

Simplify Communication and Collaboration

Easily communicate with technicians, vendors, and contractors via smarphone, tablet, or desktop

Integrate With Other Crucial Systems

Integrate FAMIS 360 with capital planning, HR systems, finance, and other key tools to eliminate gaps and modernize operations

What makes FAMIS 360 stand out?

FAMIS 360 facilitates both day-to-day activities and big-picture efforts like asset management, space management and preventive maintenance practices.

Complete facilities lifecycle management

FAMIS 360 can be integrated with finance, human resources, capital planning and other third-party systems – reducing errors and improving collaboration across teams.

Utilities and energy management

Understand your facility energy use to track conservation efforts. Avoid duplicate data entry by configuring meters as assets. View utility billing, metering and consumption reports.

Key control

Spend less time tracking and maintaining keys. Seamlessly integrate your key management with existing facility data and see who has keys checked out and their expected return dates.

Space planning

Uncover additional square footage, mange space allocation and identify areas for savings. Track and update the physical space information of multiple levels in the location hierarchy.

On-the-go maintenance management

With the FAMIS 360 app, teams have the flexibility to perform inspections, schedule work orders, access key information and more directly at their point of need.

Asset tracking

Use big-picture data within FAMIS 360 to track usage and asset health over time, maximize asset life, reduce costs and ease maintenance-related budget constraints.

Facility inspection management

Stay up to date with inspections and audits. With FAMIS 360, you can easily access any information you need for an audit and ensure that you never fall behind on compliance.

Simplified compliance

Compliance can be complicated and costly. FAMIS 360’s centralized information can help ensure compliance with government reporting, indirect cost audits and sustainability requirements.

Smooth communication with technicians, vendors and contractors

Streamline communication with technicians and facilitate collaboration between maintenance staff, clients, vendors and contractors via smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.