Event Management Software

Impress your visitors, customers, and employees as you gain seamless control over and visibility into your workplace or campus events and conferences.

event management software

All-in-One Event Management System

Large-scale hybrid events? Service provider communications? Conference room requests? Accruent has you covered.

Gain complete planning control 

Simplify the process of approving room requests, booking large-scale events or communicating with service providers. 

Connect spaces, services, and resources 

Say goodbye to the days of costly, unwanted deliveries, delays, or disruptions caused by ordering mistakes or last-minute changes. 

Eliminate missed communications

Avoid meeting disasters with automated notifications so that no detail is overlooked, and everyone stays informed.

Follow-up on events with a professional touch 

Consolidate and manage all your internal and external invoicing from a single system, saving your team time.

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What types of industries need event management software?

Having a one-stop-shop for event management will help any industry streamline their in-person activities. Event management software is conducive in any industry that organizes events, no matter the purpose and objectives.

Whether for marketing, education, networking, or entertainment purposes, a variety of industries can benefit from a more streamlined event management process. This will improve the overall quality of events and enhance attendee experiences.

How does event management software complement other parts of my event management system?

The software provides a central way to organize many parts of your event workflow, including tracking placement of digital signs, coordination of caterers, and even positioning of room furniture.

Integrate important documents and event information into your event management software for quick reference and shareability across teams.

Track the financials that matter most for your next big event. Easily connect your main financial tools with the event management system to ensure budgetary goals are met.

How does event management software improve the follow-up process after an event?

The few days after an event can be hectic with follow-ups, payment processing, and closing out. Event management software can help you finish this wrap-up process with ease by organizing your workflows.

Send invoices in minutes or schedule them to be sent at certain intervals. Nurture better relationships with contractors, vendors, and venues by staying on top of the follow-up process.

You can also collect feedback from your attendee's post-event by sending out questionnaires. Use your EMS to organize the attendee list and ensure everyone gets contacted.

Is Accruent’s event management system user-friendly?

Yes, every member of your team can succeed with Accruent’s intuitive event management system. This includes event attendees and guests.

With a simple shopping experience allowing customers to book everything from catering to parking spaces, Accruent takes the lead on event management from A to Z.

Is Accruent’s platform scalable for larger events?

Yes, Accruent’s all-in-one event management system is extremely scalable and can adapt to changing needs.

Whether you are putting on small campus events or large seminars, Accruent gives your organization plenty of room to grow.

Plug in new team members with ease, giving them access to important project documents and logistical info needed to succeed.