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Impress your visitors, customers, and employees as you gain seamless control over and visibility into your workplace or campus events and conferences.

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All-in-One Event Management System

Large-scale hybrid events? Service provider communications? Conference room requests? Accruent has you covered.

Gain complete planning control 

Simplify the process of approving room requests, booking large-scale events or communicating with service providers. 

Connect spaces, services, and resources 

Say goodbye to the days of costly, unwanted deliveries, delays, or disruptions caused by ordering mistakes or last-minute changes. 

Eliminate missed communications

Avoid meeting disasters with automated notifications so that no detail is overlooked, and everyone stays informed.

Follow-up on events with a professional touch 

Consolidate and manage all your internal and external invoicing from a single system, saving your team time.

A Dynamic Scheduling Platform

Minimize your administrative effort by reducing the steps needed to manage an event.  

The curated experience

Help visitors feel welcome and employees feel valued. Accruent event scheduling solutions allow you to provide event and conference attendees with white-glove service, with features like:

  • Digital signs and kiosks that offer up-to-date event details
  • Integrated catering that matches the numbers and particular needs of attendees  
  • Room furniture positioned and customized for the event type 
  • Ability to publicly or privately check in and view meeting locations 
  • Badges for all attendees and visitors, registered and unregistered
Fine-grained scheduling and invoicing

No more last-minute scrambling as event attendees are walking through the doors. With detailed scheduling features, you leave nothing to chance. You can even save time for planning future events by cloning recurring events and meetings, capturing details such as catering preferences and video conferencing.

  • Create online request forms and require approval for specific requests
  • Attach all relevant services and documentation to a booking
  • Display or hide event information based on room, status, or event type
  • Create invoices prior to events and track associated payments and adjustments
  • Offer a variety of pricing options including hourly, half-day, and full-day flat rates
  • Post billing transaction reports directly into your accounting system
Notifications and reporting

Automated alerts ensure the right information is gathered by the right people at the right time. Sophisticated event reporting includes more than 100 built-in reports covering sales, billing, resources, attendee management, and production.

  • Alleviate the need for one-off communications with change alerts and email notifications
  • Designate individuals to be automatically emailed of any changes or cancellations
  • Add security personnel to automated event notifications
  • Automatically email daily reports to align pre-meeting or pre-event tasks
  • Get updates – like space usage, attendee tracking, or service changes – instantly
  • Create customized reports with a powerful, advanced report builder


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