Accruent Space Intelligence: An Integrated Space Management Software

Take Control of Your Space Management Once and For All

Need a better handle on your space utilization and real estate footprint? Our centralized analytics, forecasting, and scenario planning have you covered

Data Aggregation Made Easy

Experience seamless, automated data aggregation from utilization, lease, badge, facility management, and CMMS data

Comprehensive Space Insights

Eliminate siloes and demystify your most important real-time metrics, like lease & maintenance costs, space utilization, and forecasted headcount

Strategic Space Planning

Evaluate future needs, make virtual changes, and review their impact before you implement new strategies in real life. That way, you can test ideas online and avoid mistakes in the real world

Introducing Accruent Space Intelligence, a cutting-edge integrated space management solution designed to revolutionize your real estate portfolio management. This comprehensive software combines powerful analytics, forecasting, and scenario planning tools to optimize space utilization and enhance workplace efficiency.  

The Analyze module serves as the foundation, offering a centralized "single pane of glass" analytics tool that distills utilization data into actionable insights. This enables teams to make informed decisions about their current space usage and develop effective strategies for improvement. For those seeking advanced capabilities, the Plan module provides a virtual testing ground for forecasting and scenario planning. This feature allows users to restack departments, compare different scenarios, and evaluate the efficacy of real estate plans before implementation.