EMS: Desk, Room and Event Scheduling Made Easy

Gain control of your spaces! Accruent EMS scheduling software makes it a breeze to simplify your workspace, event and resource scheduling processes – all while creating a safe, enriching and modern experience for your workplace or campus.

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Transform How Your People and Spaces Work Together

Power dynamic work and school environments with a variety of use cases, multiple points of access and seamless integrations.

Eliminate scheduling friction - Main

Eliminate scheduling friction

Say goodbye to double bookings, tedious manual work and choppy communications. Accruent EMS software smooths the booking process, so you spend more time accomplishing and less time scheduling.

Eliminate scheduling friction - Main

Optimize space utilization

Are you using your campus or office spaces to their fullest? Underutilized spaces bloat budgets and reduce ROI. With EMS Accruent room utilization software, gain real estate ROI visibility through advanced analytics.

Optimize space utilization - Main

Facilitate hybrid work

Employees expect to work where and how they choose. You can trust EMS software Accruent to help you build your path to the flexible, modern office and sustain your physical and hybrid spaces.

Facilitate hybrid work - Main

Increase collaboration

Make it easy for people to find the ideal place to gather. EMS lets you filter rooms based on capacity, location and available resources so you always find the right space for your needs.

Increase collaboration - Main

Boost mobility

View, create and manage bookings on the go through an intuitive, chat-style interface. You can also use your mobile devices to check people in, send invitations, and reserve spaces with floorplan visibility.

Boost mobility - Main

Power. Agility. Ease.

EMS workplace management software helps you manage and optimize space reservation for a multitude of scheduling scenarios.

Office hoteling and workspace management - Main

Office hoteling and workspace management

Mobilize your workforce with desk hoteling and flexible workspace scheduling. EMS desk booking software lets you turn any area into a reservable space, whether it’s a desk, cubicle, shared table, parking space, sleep pod or closed-in office – for an efficient workplace or campus.

Classroom and exam scheduling - Main

Classroom and exam scheduling

Eliminate academic scheduling complexities and save your planning team valuable time. With EMS, you can automate classroom planning, optimize exam scheduling, and pull info directly from your Student Information System (SIS) to facilitate room scheduling for courses and exams.

Flexible booking options - Main

Flexible booking options

Forget cumbersome, manual processes and ensure easy adoption across your organization. EMS room booking software lets you easily and quickly book meetings however you prefer, whether that’s via mobile, web app, tablet, meeting calendar, kiosk apps or digital sign.

What makes EMS stand out?

EMS scheduling software solves for numerous workplace or campus use cases.

Hybrid and video conferencing tools

Comprehensive EMS video conferencing integrations and capabilities allow you to streamline events and book meetings in virtual, hybrid and in-person contexts.

Hardware integrations

The EMS event management system integrates with popular digital hardware, including digital signs, tablets, touchscreen kiosks, desk signs and occupancy sensors.

Notifications and alerts

Send automated alerts, emails, instructions and check-in requests. Get room booking and space planning updates – like usage, cancellations or service changes – instantly.

Robust reporting

Analytics help you make informed decisions and drive business value. Create customized reports so the right information is available to the right people at the right time.

Maximized security and privacy

Using EMS Cloud Services, you benefit from frequent back-ups, data encryption and ongoing monitoring of any potential risks or threats to your sensitive information.

Outstanding customer support

Support options include the EMS Support Center, on-demand training videos, an extensive knowledge base and a hands-on online customer support team.

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