Siterra: Complete Telecom Project Management Software

Better workflows start with Accruent Siterra, the most complete project management software specifically for telecom. Improve SLA compliance, increase customer satisfaction and get faster turnaround times.

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Oversee Thousands of Concurrent Projects

More than 2.1 billion global projects are handled with Siterra.

Gain operational efficiency - Main

Gain operational efficiency

Oversee all project tasks and deliverables in a single system. Siterra’s telecom project management solution compresses project schedules and budgets by streamlining your processes.

Gain operational efficiency - Main

Reduce operating costs

Every unnecessary truck roll costs you. Reduce them —and their associated operating costs — with the visibility Siterra project management software gives you the exact skills and tools required to complete a task or project.  

Reduce operating costs - Main

Increase project forecasting accuracy

Accurate time estimates and project durations are critical to effective project management. With Siterra software, you can configure multiple complex schedules to ensure accurate project forecasting.


Increase project forecasting accuracy - Main

Decrease time to revenue

Lengthy projects mean longer times to revenue. Telecom customers who use the Siterra project management software solution reduce project completion times by 40% over the first few years.  

Decrease time to revenue - Main

Improve accountability

With Siterra software, you always know who is responsible for what. Track each stakeholder's role in critical paths and ensure all team members and vendors follow proper workflows. 

Improve accountability - Main

Optimize telecom project efficiency

Track all aspects of tower and network projects while enabling teams to execute more projects, faster.

Streamline project scheduling - Main

Streamline project scheduling

Easily construct complex schedules. With Siterra project management software, you reduce the degree of manual schedule adjustments and achieve greater project scheduling accuracy. Administrators can define what constitutes a normal work week and capture holidays and other non-workdays into one or more calendars.

Standardize processes - Main

Standardize processes

Accruent Siterra offers a single source of truth for telecommunications companies managing a variety of projects, including colocation, BTS, and maintenance activities. You can establish task dependencies between related projects based on completed milestones to ensure proper timelines and workflows between linked projects are followed.

Ensure visibility - Main

Ensure visibility

Increase visibility and accountability with software that provides a real-time look into which personnel are at the site, what tasks they have completed, which assets are being affected, and what the estimated completion time will be. You decide what documentation is required, including GPS-verified photographs.

What makes Siterra Project Management Software stand out? 

See why site owners and network operators rely on Siterra for infrastructure lifecycle management.

Workflow templates

Automate the progression of projects with form-driven workflows that generate notifications to drive projects forward.

Information Control

Create an unlimited number of user or group permissions to maintain control of data access. Upload and organize documents at the project level.

Dashboards and Reporting

Make data-driven business decisions with pre-built reports, real-time queries, ad hoc reports and custom reports.


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