Siterra: Complete Telecom Site Management Software


Maximize Operational Efficiency

Enable teams to see all project tasks and deliverables in a single, easy-to-manage system

Assess Your Portfolio At-a-Glance

View all the sites in your portfolio using a map view or drill down into the most granular details

Integrate With Key Systems

Integrate your lease accounting system, CMMS, and more directly into this purpose-built telecom site management software

Improve Forecasting

Configure schedules and streamline execution with data-driven project forecasting

Better workflows start with Accruent Siterra, the most complete telecom site management software for sites and their associated assets, projects, and leases. Streamline projects, reduce costs, and improve accountability in an all-in-one, enterprise-grade SaaS solution.

What makes Siterra Site Management Software stand out? 

See why site owners, network operators, and service providers rely on Siterra for telecom infrastructure lifecycle management.


More than 20 leading telecom tower management companies trust Siterra as their telecommunications site management software because it’s specifically made with them in mind. They enjoy exceptional customer satisfaction as Siterra keeps their telecom assets, projects, and leases all integrated into a single source of truth.

Granular Permissions Control

Organize both internal and external users into structured groups and roles, define access rights, and associated permissions to control what artifacts users can see and what operations they can perform.

Bulk Operations

Import and export files, make data changes, and filter and sort project information in a spreadsheet-like manner, with proper permissions control and automatic data validation, for easy bulk operations that will save you time and resources.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Telecom Site Management Software?

Telecom Site Management Software (TSMS) streamlines the operations of telecom infrastructure sites through site monitoring, asset tracking, maintenance scheduling, and real-time performance analytics.

The result? A more efficient way to manage telecommunications facilities. TSMS takes the guesswork out of managing projects, leases, and managing site details.

It enables teams to work in greater cohesion, allowing them to effectively communicate changes and updates to a site.


What types of telecom sites benefit from TSMS?

Cell towers, base stations, and data centers can all benefit from integrating telecom site management software into their workflows.

With the growth of fiber optic networks, TSMS can ensure the long-term health and stability of fiber optic infrastructure. Cable damage can be quickly identified and repaired, leading to greater uptime across networks.

Accruent’s Siterra is a one-size-fits-all platform designed to improve the day-to-day functionality of telecom sites.

How does Telecom Site Management Software improve network reliability?

Thanks to real-time monitoring and alerts, telecom site management software informs facilities of problems right away. This leads to faster issue resolutions and reduced downtime overall.

This is especially useful for organizations that manage multiple large locations or are in more rural areas.

Does TSMS assist with lease management?

Yes, Accruent’s Siterra platform helps organizations easily access leasing information to stay on top of their administration and accounting.

Never lose track of payments, contractor appointments, or key dates. Share information across your team, whether they are onsite or in-office.

How does Accruent’s Siterra improve workflow?

Thanks to robust workflow capabilities, telecom organizations can track each stakeholder’s role in critical paths and ensure all team members and vendors follow proper workflows.

It allows companies to establish workflows and dependencies between tasks and optimize an approver’s correction process by automatically re-opening all dependent tasks and subtasks when an approver rejects a deliverable. Configure multiple sets of workday and holiday definitions aligned with country and other regional business policies. Accruent’s Siterra takes these settings into consideration when calculating project dates and durations.

Can TSMS help create more detailed project forecasting?

Yes, one of the advantages of telecom site management software is that you can organize multiple projects in one place. This leads to better forecasting and management of associated project costs.

Input your revenue goals and gather insights in real-time. Share these numbers with primary stakeholders in user-friendly reports.

Assign roles to team members throughout each project’s lifecycle and set KPIs to track results.

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