Asset Management Partners

Deliver cost savings and elevated performance to your clients. When you become an Accruent partner, you enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship created to market, sell, implement, and support world-class asset management software.

Asset Management Partners

Why Partner With Accruent?

Reduce unplanned downtime and optimize maintenance for your customers. Our asset management solutions can help your customers ensure the accuracy of asset information, streamline maintenance processes, unify engineering and maintenance departments, and improve overall efficiency.

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Discover Accruent Asset Management Solutions

Engineering Document Management

Meridian fosters seamless collaboration for extended teams while offering instant access to the most up-to-date plant and facility data and information to optimize engineering and operations for greater efficiencies, business continuity, compliance, and safety.

  • Centralize mission-critical engineering information  
  • Simplify engineering change management, document control, and handover
  • Securely share and collaborate with internal and external teams
  • Increase productivity and efficiency while reducing errors
  • Optimize operations, minimize unplanned downtime, and ensure safety
  • Streamline regulatory compliance 

Facility and Asset Maintenance Management

Maintenance Connection is an award-winning, industry-leading maintenance management software with years of experience helping organizations maximize productivity and ultimately increase ROI. As a market leader in CMMS, our software helps maintenance teams manage work orders, organize and execute preventative maintenance, predict asset maintenance and manage enterprise assets and equipment inventory.

  • Generate unprecedented insights into asset management
  • Help customers transition from reactive to proactive preventive maintenance programs
  • Handle the needs of complex enterprises with capabilities that include multi-site deployment, IoT sensors, and M2M (Machine-to-Machine) data exchange

Asset Monitoring and Control (IoT) / Energy Management

vx Observe provides organizations with remote monitoring and control of multiple equipment types so they can predict asset failure, deliver energy efficiencies, and improve air quality and wellness.  

  • • Gain deep visibility into energy usage
  • • Streamline equipment maintenance
  • • Reduce maintenance budgets
  • • Lower greenhouse gas emissions

Facility and Asset Maintenance Management, Compliance Management

vx Maintain, our CMMS for retail, can help organizations streamline facility and asset maintenance, ultimately allowing them to optimize operations, improve inventory accuracy, automate and maintain work orders, and maintain ongoing compliance. 

  • Make informed repair, replace, and retire decisions
  • Prepare for planned ― and unplanned — inspections
  • Manage contractors across geographies, assets, and skills
  • Streamline work order management
  • Reduce maintenance spend