Workplace Management Partners

Help create efficient, safe workplaces for your customers. When you become an Accruent partner, you enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship designed to market, sell, implement, and support world-class workplace management software.

Workplace Management Partner

Why Partner With Accruent?

Drive efficiencies and generate cost savings for your customers. Our workplace management solutions help organizations manage complex real estate scenarios, optimize asset reliability, monitor refrigeration or HVAC systems for energy savings, and easily manage their workplace spaces, resources, and people.

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Typical improvement in space usage
Days predictive issue alerting on faulty assets
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Typical reduction in reactive work orders raised on equipment

Room, Desk, and Resource Management

EMS desk and room scheduling software minimizes administrative effort by reducing the steps needed to manage a space or resource reservation. Users can efficiently create and approve reservations and services, generate and distribute reports, and more.  

  • Eliminate scheduling friction
  • Optimize space utilization
  • Facilitate flexible, hybrid work
  • Increase collaboration
  • Boost mobility

Real Estate Lifecycle Management

Lucernex is a comprehensive real estate management solution, from site planning to construction to lease administration. Organizations can maintain compliance, compress site selection times, effortlessly manage new construction and connect all aspects of their real estate management.

  • Maximize speed to market
  • Increase financial projection accuracy
  • Effectively manage real estate and equipment leases
  • Fully monitor the transaction lifecycle
  • Streamline on-site task execution

Asset Monitoring and Control (IoT) / Energy Management 

vx Observe provides organizations with remote monitoring and control of multiple equipment types so they can predict asset failure, deliver energy efficiencies, and improve air quality and wellness.  

  • Gain deep visibility into energy usage
  • Streamline equipment maintenance
  • Reduce maintenance budgets
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions

Facility and Asset Maintenance Management, Compliance Management

FAMIS 360 CMMS offers automated preventive, corrective, and predictive maintenance processes so organizations can handle more work requests, reduce downtime, and increase employee productivity ― all without straining resources. 

  • Gain deeper visibility into your assets and work orders
  • Simplify cost control with transparency into labor hours, parts usage, and more
  • Improve decisions through access to centralized data
  • Increase proactive planning via automated processes
  • Achieve higher operational efficiency