Accruent Observe for Energy Management (AOEM)

Effectively manage risk, reach energy consumption targets, lower costs, and meet carbon-neutral goals

Accruent Observe

A Peek Inside Accruent Observe for Energy Management

See how our energy management software can help you optimize energy usage, meet consumption goals, and manage costs.

Energy Consumption by Energy Type

View energy consumption types in any building, over any date range.

At-a-Glance Energy Costs

Quickly view your energy costs each year so you can set benchmarks and make an informed improvement plan.

Energy Meter Data

Examine meter-level information, including daily average, expenditure, and contributions.

AOEM Overview

An overview of Accruent Observe for Energy Management, our dedicated smart energy management software.

Interactive Demo

Empower your energy management - Try our interactive demo today and revolutionize your estate's energy efficiency!

Interactive demo screen displaying the page layout

The Benefits of Purpose-Built Energy Management Software

Seamlessly monitor, target, and validate your estate’s energy mix to meet net zero goals and keep costs under control

Highly Customizable

Optimize energy management processes

Centralize important information – like consumption data from billing and sub-meters – and use it to identify areas of excess consumption, optimize risk and return, and create better energy management processes.

Highly Customizable

Gain deep visibility into energy usage

What locations use the most energy? Which equipment consumes significant energy? AOEM helps identify and correct high energy use – before the bill arrives.

Monitor and target energy consumption

Monitor, target, and verify your energy data to effectively combat extreme climate events, unsustainable rises in costs, and lack of transparency into your consumption.

Meet carbon neutral goals

Consolidate your energy data, analyze your consumption levels, and figure out exactly what you need to do to meet sustainability goals and reduce your carbon footprint.

Fight surges and rising costs

Worried about rising energy costs and sharp surges during times of peak demand? Use purpose-built features – like a comprehensive dashboard, customizable baselines, and meter tracking – to reduce consumption when necessary and avoid steps in the wrong direction.

Industry-Leading Energy Management Capabilities 

Utilize comprehensive IoT energy management data to proactively manage risks and reduce energy costs