5 Strategic Values of IWMS

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5 Strategic Values of IWMS

To help manage the impact of changing workplace dynamics – from a more mobile workforce to an emphasis on doing more with less – integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) provide real-time visibility into all facets of the real estate and facility portfolio. The use of an effective IWMS platform can reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and drive profitability from an organization’s core.

IWMS solutions link pillars of data related to project management, lease administration, facilities and maintenance management, and space management together to help transform real estate and facilities into a driver of corporate success. The following are five strategic values of IWMS solutions:

1. Access to a Single Source of Truth

Traditional point solutions enable organizations to react to issues immediately at hand and respond to inquiries. A cloud-based IWMS solution allows organizations to view all data via a single source of truth from any device with web access – enabling them to take a proactive, strategic approach to managing their entire real estate and facilities portfolio.

2. Experience Significant Process Improvements

The operation of your real estate and facilities portfolio requires the skilled balance of numerous processes. Traditionally, these processes have been tracked by manual systems like spreadsheets or even entry-level point solutions, both of which can result in disparate and inaccurate data collection. IWMS solutions have transformed the management of these processes, making it easier to identify gaps and solve issues. As a result, organizations increase efficiency and reduce costs.

3. Understand and Allocate Available Resources

While organizations are facing budget cuts and an increased emphasis of doing more with less, understanding how your resources – staff, budget and assets – are operating can help you identify how to save a significant amount of money and improve worker productivity in the process. IWMS solutions provide insight into exactly how these elements are performing, so you can make informed decisions on space forecasts, capital planning budgets and staff workloads.

4. Garner Real-Time Visibility into Performance

Disparate systems result in an inability to manage data. With real-time visibility into how the facilities and real estate portfolio is performing, the management team can optimize their decision-making process, which in turn can help drive overall profitability for the organization.

IWMS solutions that boast real-time graphical reporting platforms can ensure that you are able to analyze data down to the detail necessary to make informed decisions. In turn, your organization can save time and money while also protecting its credibility.

5. Leverage the Real Estate Lifecycle as a Driver of Profitability

Traditionally, real estate and facilities have been viewed as a cost center. As the second highest operating expense for many organizations1, it presents a challenge for staff to prove their value in helping drive profitability.

IWMS solutions have helped change this perspective. Executive teams now realize that with proper management of buildings and insight into operational performance, they can leverage this information to drive productivity from the core of the business.

1Magic Quadrant for Integrated Workplace Management Systems; Gartner; June 17, 2013.

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