We’re proud to share the news that Accruent has begun operations in our new global headquarters.

Located in The Domain in north Austin, our new facility is part of a multi-purpose business, retail and residential center designed to nurture the company’s culture and enable employees to thrive.

The new headquarters unites the over 450 employees from Accruent’s two current Austin offices. Accruent has been recognized by the Austin Business Journal as employing the second largest number of software developers in Austin, and the new 105,000-square-foot facility is large enough to accommodate the company’s continued growth.

The Good News for Accruent Customers!

While there will be big changes for our Austin team, the move will be transparent to our customers. All mission-critical and customer-facing functions will operate seamlessly without interruption throughout our move, and you will be able to reach and work with your Accruent contacts through the same email addresses and phone numbers.

We’d Love to See You.

Next time you’re in Austin, we hope you’ll make a point to visit us at:

Accruent World Headquarters
11500 Alterra Parkway, Suite 110
Austin, TX 78758

You can read the full announcement in our newsroom.