How does your organization overcome the challenge of having your necessary engineering and maintenance documents divided out between multiple teams?

This is a frequent – and often debilitating – concern. In many cases, for example, capital asset drawings and relevant paperwork are owned by engineering, and technicians never have direct access. On the other side, work order and repair updates initiated by technicians are not available for engineering teams, which can cause delays and extra red lines.

This lack of shared access to critical documentation can cost an organization both time and money as its employees struggle with the resulting:

  • Extended downtime
  • Incorrect repairs
  • Incorrect inventory
  • Essential data lost between departments

In many organizations, these problems have just been accepted as part of the daily environment. However, with more cross-team collaboration, manufacturing processes can be greatly improved and organizations could see significant benefits, including:

  • More visibility across applications
  • Less time spent managing data
  • Improved safety for employees
  • Deeper reporting for capital spending and compliance needs

Benefits of Integrated Manufacturing Solutions

Costly risks can be avoided by implementing an integrated set of solutions, purpose-built for the needs of manufacturers and intended to optimize your organization’s manufacturing processes.

With Accruent’s integrated enterprise asset management (EAM) platform, Maintenance Connection, and engineering document management (EDM) solution, Meridian, you can optimize your manufacturing processes to access the necessary information from either system. This allows you to own all aspects of your maintenance and repair operations (MRO) with maximum access to your building information management (BIM).

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How These Systems Work

Using this powerful manufacturing system integration, a technician can add documents to an assets’ digital profile and an engineer can add drawings from customary drawing tools. All document updates include an audit trail of when and who added the data.

This can either be done using pictures or notes in Maintenance Connection or using Meridian to red lines and approved drawings. In other words, information is shared both ways – technicians can view engineering documentation and engineers receive immediate uploads regarding changes and repairs from technicians.

This flexibility allows both technicians and engineers to work on the correct documents in real time.

It also increases transparency and visibility: engineers can see scheduled work orders. Technicians can see the status of requested red lines. This critical shared access allows both teams to get the information they need when they need it.

This eliminates wasted time and effort, saving organizations money and headache.

How Integrating Systems Impacts Your Manufacturing Process

These systems streamline the manufacturing process, increase transparency, and improve overall communication and productivity. Say you have a technician in the field installing an asset. They can record their work through notes, pictures, video, QR codes and barcodes, all using an EAM like Maintenance Connection. Through the integration, all of this information will become immediately available in an EDM, such as Meridian, for the engineering team to access as necessary. Engineers in the office can then adjust the asset’s documents in Meridian — and the technician is immediately able to see the adjustments as they work in the field.

This rapidly speeds up cross departmental collaboration and makes direct, person-to-person handoffs of information unnecessary. And now, with new single sign-on (SSO) functionality available within the EAM platform, both teams can rapidly access information the without having to log in multiple times.

Easily Find Critical Documents

When looking to optimize your manufacturing system and processes, your main goal needs to be seamlessly sharing data between teams. By allowing EAM and EDM users to effectively share data between engineering and maintenance departments, you can dramatically minimize rework due to errors and avoid mistakes caused by looking at out-of-date documentation or maintenance data.

With Accruent’s integrated manufacturing solutions, you can transform your operations by ensuring your teams are able to conduct proper maintenance the first time.

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