By Lora Mays, Product Marketing Manager

To prepare for a regulatory agency audit, it's essential to support your documentation with a full suite of reports.

Within our industry-leading CMMS solution for healthcare, TMS, you can access a full suite of reports to ensure you are prepared for a regulatory audit.

Before we highlight these reports, it's important to note that regulatory agencies are not allowed to have relationships with CMMS vendors. These reports were developed based on information published by several different agencies, as well as in line with feedback received from our existing customers.

EOC summary report.

Accruent - Blog Post - Key Regulatory Reports for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

In this report, view a summary of asset inventory and work orders against the assets grouping the work order counts by priority risk. This report typically includes information over the past year and includes details like:

  • Work order number.
  • Account description.
  • Work order description.
  • Work order priorities.
  • Problem, cause, item and action fields for quality indicators.

Life safety checklist report.

This report creates a quick look at all life safety preventive maintenance (PM) requests on the schedule. It includes key information like PM schedule category, frequency and overall description. It can also detail the PM history.

Statement of conditions report.

Leveraging data collected in work orders, such as type code of statement of conditions and work description, you can evaluate and address discrepancies that are discovered during EOC rounds within a specified timeframe.

Asset detail report.

Accruent - Blog Post - Key Regulatory Reports for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

View the master records for all assets stored within the TMS database, including specific information about the asset like current status, category and description. This report will also detail the individual work order history that outlines description of work, costs and date completed.

Equipment management & maintenance compliance report.

Understand all work performed against your assets within a calendar year broken out by month. It details a number of essential points, including asset inventory, corrective work order items and PM work order items. This report will also include summary of percent completion rate for PM work orders.

PM percent completion with Joint Commission standards.

Review the completion percentage of PM work orders for a given date range. This report also includes graphs, which show the total completion percentage within Joint Commission completion timeframes.

Open regulatory work orders by requested date report.

Within this report, you can view the open regulatory work orders organized by requested report date. It will incorporate key details from TMS, including when it was created and how long it has been open. The requester comments are also included within the report.
Accruent - Blog Post - Key Regulatory Reports for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

Biomed work order completion summary report.

See the number of critical reporting issues and completion percentage by month of maintenance work orders. This summary report will also provide a count, by month, of the correction maintenance work orders. It also incorporates work order descriptions and fields with details about the problem, cause, item and action.

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