Cloud software is creating a compelling business case for organizations to replace their antiquated on-premise maintenance management systems. In the final post of our three-part series, we will go over 10 most common objections to the cloud and effective responses for addressing the underlying concern.

Objection Handling

In the first post of the series, we established the pains associated with on-premise systems, and in the second post we outlined the key benefits of the cloud. However, there are legitimate concerns regarding cloud systems that will need to be addressed before a cloud implementation can be considered. We offer the 10 most common objections for delaying an investment in a cloud-based maintenance management system, and the most effective response for addressing the underlying concern.

Top 10 Objections for Delaying an Investment in a Cloud-based Maintenance System

Accruent - Blog Post - Making a Business Case for the Cloud

Download a copy of the Accruent whitepaper, “Making the Business Case for a Cloud Maintenance Management System."

On-Premise vs. Cloud: a Cost Comparison

One of the primary concerns about switching from on-premise software to a cloud solution is total cost of ownership; where does the money come from?

We mention some of the on-premise cost elements that can be reduced or eliminated by moving to a cloud system in our second post. The following is a cost comparison between implementing an on-premise computer maintenance management system versus a cloud system:

Accruent - Blog Post - Making a Business Case for the Cloud

There are a variety of cost elements that can be reduced or eliminated by moving to a cloud solution. Reducing the infrastructure, labor and upgrade costs associated with running your current system will allow you to free up facilities dollars that can be spent on more strategic activities. When considering all of the necessary costs to keep the on-premise system up and running, the cost of implementing and owning a cloud solution should become materially less expensive over time. Additionally, moving to a cloud product materially impacts where facilities management software dollars are spent; not only is there a lower total cost of ownership, but the maintenance system spend is goes directly toward the application rather than ancillary technology and upgrades.

Make the Move

Do you feel ready to propose moving your organization to the cloud? The next step is to create a business case that is specific to your organization and understand what industries we serve. Our team will walk you through an industry-specific questionnaire and provide you with your total cost of ownership for owning and maintain your on-premise system. Our team will also provide a cost analysis for moving to the cloud and presentation deck to help you build your business case internally.

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