Organizations large and small are on a continuous path, it seems, to find deliberate and effective ways to analyze their data.

The desire to achieve this type of all-knowing utopia is shared by facility managers, asset managers, and finance managers alike. Use cases range from consuming enormous volumes of data produced by smart building systems, to forecasting capital needs, or reviewing robust portfolio dashboards to reveal significant monetary savings and enterprise productivity gains.

The challenge in obtaining and using this data is:

  • Acknowledging your organization’s lack of a quality Business Intelligence (BI) tool.
  • Understanding the steps you can take to improve your internal data analytics.
  • Learning how that information is consumed.
  • Leveraging the informed decisions/actions you’re now able to take.

According to Forbes, “The State of Cloud Business Intelligence, 2018”, “dashboards, advanced visualization, ad-hoc query, data integration, and self-service are the most-required Cloud BI features in 2018.” As the physical resource management market continues to be highly fragmented without an automated way to combine this valuable data in a cross-platform setup, these required BI features surface for Accruent customers. With the Accruent Analytics platform, Accruent customers can gain valuable insight into their organizations.

The Accruent Analytics central platform provides quick access to all the data organizations need to drive optimal business decisions.

pinpoint.pngWho can access Accruent Analytics?

With an initial release focusing on North American organizations, customers in the following categories who manage information about real estate portfolios will gain primary access to Accruent Analytics:

  • Public Sector
  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Government

arrow.pngWhat is Accruent Analytics?

Accruent Analytics is a business intelligence (BI) platform with integrations across multiple asset lifecycle applications complete with easily customizable dashboards and reports from multiple data sets.

gears.pngWhat sets Accruent Analytics apart from the rest?

Designed to pull together all the data across products from Accruent and other third-parties, the analytics platform provides in-depth data acumen. With Accruent Analytics, you can:

  • Access full physical resource insights with improved visualizations and usability through various reports and dashboards.
  • Leverage the value of existing data and systems.
  • Encourage data sharing, cross-functional workflows, and gather data from multi-source analytics.

Learn more about how you can get started with Accruent Analytics. Contact your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager today!