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Project management software for faster openings.

When proven project management practices are used, projects meet original goals and business intent 2.5 times more often and waste 13 times less money.

As retailers and developers are changing the metrics used to select sites for relocation, consolidation and new store builds, retail executives and their development teams are looking at ways to improve communication and management for those construction projects.

Expesite revolutionizes the way your retail project is implemented.

From improving communication to tracking project scope and managing design, costs, equipment and timeline changes, Expesite is the software solution that helps you open locations faster and stay within budget.

Expesite has a legacy of supporting on-time and on-budget construction projects, which yield opportunities to optimize full-time employee investment, reducing costs.

Collabiration is key.

With each new retail construction project, project managers are burdened with rigorous risk mitigation and oversight to ensure projects are on-time and on-budget and investments in an uncertain market yield ROI. These construction projects can be time-consuming, expensive, and often, without the correct solution, a tedious undertaking.expesite-mobile-tablet-screnshot.png

Accelerate time opening.

Increased visibility into project schedules helps identify bottleneck areas. Reduce cycle times and adjust schedules in real time.

Collaborate on project documents.

Upload and organize all documents associated with projects to make Expesite a living archive of all the locations and projects in your portfolio.

Consolidate project data.

With all project contributors adding/ accessing information in one standardized solution, collaboration, accountability and analytics are within reach with Expesite.

Improve visibility.

Close the gap between office and field team members. Enable everyone who relies on project information to see the data they need anytime, anywhere with Expesite Mobile.

Optimize bidding.

Utilize general contractor (GC) bidding invitations and review of apples-to-apples bid comparisons, saving time.

Plan and manage project budgets.

Budget templates keep project financials on track and in check. Planned, revised and actual budget numbers help your organization to manage budgets in real time.

Simplifying the complexities.

See data anytime, anywhere with Expesite Mobile

Expesite continues to keep pace with the growing need for innovation in the retail industry. As locations open or are remodeled time spent is money lost. With dedicated support for retailers, managing a distributed portfolio of real estate projects in an evolving market becomes less of an undertaking and more of a quality investment – something that retailers and developers will appreciate as the industry continues to grow.

Expesite has a legacy of supporting on-time and on-budget construction projects, yielding opportunities to optimize full-time employee investment and reducing costs so you don’t hire unnecessarily.

An inside look:

  • 200K+ users.
  • 2.3 million milestones achieved.
  • 680K WOs, COs, & pay apps.
  • 500K+ new projects created.
  • 21.8 million+ new documents added.
  • $32.3 trillion in costs managed.

Expesite revolutionizes the way your retail project is implemented.

Customer success.

Expesite is designed to enable our customers to manage all aspects of a project to improve efficiency, reduce costs and drive profitability. One of the fastest growing international chain restaurants came to Accruent with a need to improve scheduling. Using Expesite, they reduced scheduling by four weeks which resulted in a $400,000 increase in sales in the first year for new store builds.


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