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Infrastructure Lifecycle Management Software

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Globally, over $200 billion was spent on capital expenditure in 2016 in the telecommunications industry.1

With rising demand of capital expenditure to reach $353 billion by 20202, it’s no wonder organizations are looking for ways to become more operationally efficient as the volume of deployments increases.

Keeping up with growth and change in any industry is difficult, but especially in telecommunications. The Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, small cell and fiber are examples of major infrastructure and technology changes, which drive large project volumes and require telecom companies to maintain tight controls around operations.

Site owners and network operators are tasked with finding solutions that can handle expansion across the board – managing multiple field teams and contractors, schedules, budgets and assets while ensuring high-quality work. Without an integrated solution to manage the various components of your site operations, site profitability can be difficult to maintain.

Siterra is the industry-standard software for infrastructure lifecycle management, used extensively by tower companies, network operators and service providers of all sizes to manage project workflow, contractor interaction and asset tracking across the entire site lifecycle.

With a holistic view of your business through modules dedicated to sites, assets, and projects, you can complete projects on time and on budget.


  • Single Source of Truth
  • Global Experience
  • Strong Customer Base


Siterra offers a single source of truth for telecommunications companies managing a variety of projects, including colocation, BTS, and maintenance activities. Since all site operation activities are anchored to specific sites in Siterra, you'll have greater ease of use in navigating your portfolio.

Siterra increases accountability by offering standardized templates that drive proper workflows for your business. Knowing that the industry is full of ever-changing requirements and varied decision points, the system is also widely configurable to match your business needs.shutterstock_89897563.jpg


  • Access a single source of truth – each and every time. Having all your site data in one system ensures data integrity and reduces the risk for human error. All operational information is maintained in one, centralized database for greater clarity into performance.
  • Convenient, real-time access. Increase visibility and accountability with software that provides a real-time look into which personnel are at the site, what tasks they have completed, which assets are being affected, and what the estimated completion time will be.
  • Project visibility across ecosystem. Use project forecasting to predict timeline adjustments. Ensure proper workflows are followed with inter-project dependencies.


  • Reduce unnecessary truck rolls. Every truck roll costs you. However, unnecessary truck rolls are common when you don’t have visibility into the exact skills and tools required to complete a task or project.
  • Optimize human capital. It is difficult to get the most out of a day’s work without efficient communication and real-time feedback on what tasks have been completed and when. Siterra-Dashboard.jpg
  • Track and maintain your assets and equipment. Assets require preventive maintenance to keep them from wearing out, but unforeseen circumstances can cause emergency situations. Siterra helps telecom companies manage both proactive and reactive maintenance of their assets.


  • Deploy projects faster. Enter data and complete tasks on-the-go with mobile access to projects.
  • Optimize colocation. Siterra’s site-centric software empowers tower owners to identify additional opportunities for colocation by providing visibility into the current co-tenancy ratio at each site.
  • Proof of completion. With real-time access, contractors can upload pictures to prove job completion, ensuring payment to 3rd parties aligns with project milestones. shutterstock_364125608.jpg

With the right people and tools in place, your organization can increase efficiency and productivity through effective infrastructure lifecycle management.

Siterra helps the top telecommunications companies manage the rollout of technology, the ongoing maintenance of sites, and the construction of new infrastructure – all while staying on time and on budget.

Proven Solution

Using Siterra, our customers have managed:

  • 1.3 million+ sites
  • 2.1 million+ projects
  • 8 million+ assets
  • 100 million+ documents

1Industry Top Trends 2017 - Telecommunications report
2Fierce Wireless February 2017

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