Improving accessibility of engineering information throughout the asset lifecycle.

The Company

Dunea produces and distributes drinking water to approximately 1.3 million residents in South Holland, the Netherlands. At Dunea, dune water is used as the raw material for the production of drinking water. The water content of the dunes is recharged by supplying purified river water from the river Meuse. The river water is then collected in basins and transported continuously through pipelines over a distance of 85 kilometers to the infiltration lakes of the dunes. After a period of about two months, the dune water is regained to be made into drinking water.

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"With the help of Meridian, we have made 50,000 documents easily accessible to designers, project teams, and others who need to have access to these documents.”
Wim van Grinsven, Operations Manager


The Challenge

Dunea had been using Meridian in the Engineering Department for five years when the ownership of engineering drawings transferred to the Production and Distribution Departments. The transfer of ownership meant the company had to make changes to Meridian to support its expanded use. The projects and logistics group within the Distribution Department needed:

  • All analog archives and microfiches scanned and imported into Meridian
  • Meridian workflows reconfigured to support the group’s specific processes
  • Visibility of documents under external change by a growing number of contractors

“Thanks to the workflow capabilities of Meridian, I am completely informed about the progress of dozens of distribution network projects.”


The Solution

Today, Dunea uses Meridian to manage all of the company’s engineering information and other technical documentation such as certificates, material lists, and inspection reports. By integrating Meridian with Ultimo, Dunea has created a direct relationship between operational assets and relevant engineering information that ensures the right documents are always available to Maintenance when needed.

  • Complete overview of document status, ownership, and history
  • Direct integration between asset tag numbers in Ultimo and documentation in Meridian
  • Quick, easy access for internal departments and external contractors


The Result

Meridian has proven to be a reliable and stable system for Dunea. Approximately 170 staff members from different departments have access to essential documentation stored in Meridian, including Project Management, Inspection, and Maintenance. Additionally, because of Meridian’s potential and user-friendliness, Dunea sees more opportunities to broaden its use in the future.

  • Optimized engineering change process
  • Increased accessibility of asset and engineering information
  • Streamlined collaboration between Engineering and Maintenance
  • Improved visibility into engineering project progress
  • License to operate ensured and maintained