The Company

The Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute, I.R.C.C.S. (Scientific Institute for Research, Hospitalization and Health Care), in Milan is the premier hospital for orthopedic admissions in Italy. The institute has been part of the San Donato Hospital Group since 2000. The New Galeazzi Hospital is the first relevant project to be built in Area Ex Expo 2015 in Milan and is based on the close integration of research, academic education and care.

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Meridian has allowed for the coordination and optimization of the design, procurement and building phases, thanks to its accurate and efficient organization of documentation management. Dialogue among all of the various figures involved in the project was achieved through the sharing of technical documentation."
Daniela Demichelis, Technical Services & Design Manager Engineer


The Challenge

Overall, thousands of documents needed to be tracked to fulfill the project. Challenges included the organization and coordination of different phases of the project, from executive and definitive design, to sharing with external suppliers of the building project, to the coordination of as-built BIM modeling, all taking place in a context of high technical difficulty. In addition, the contracting agreement mandated automatized management of formal approval processes to guide the technical topics impacting the project’s economic value.

  • Strict project time constraints
  • Complex coordination among multiple fields and positions
  • Need for accuracy, transparency and security in workflow management


The Solution

Accruent’s Meridian was chosen by the technical supervisors of the project, who had previously experienced its success in projects with the same level of complexity and value (e.g., Torre Intesa San Paolo in Turin from 2010-2015). One Team Srl, a strategic Accruent partner for solutions for managing all BIM information during the entire lifecycle, proposed the solution. Since this type of highly complex project cannot be managed without an IT system for document management, One Team Srl opted for Meridian, which proved to be efficient and flexible in its support of various teams during the entirety of the project. The Meridian tool was used to support the following main processes:

  • Dynamic publication and approval of the entire official technical documentation
  • Management of the formal approval activities of the work supervisor, testers and
    external verification agencies
  • Management of tendering procedures for various disciplines
An IT system for documentation management is essential for projects of this order and complexity. Meridian, with its versatility gained thanks to the efficient and careful implementation of its technical potentialities, has been a tool decisive for the optimal management of the project, allowing for the saving of resources and reduction of error possibility.”
One Team Srl


The Result

Meridian allowed for the creation of specific data rooms for the organization and optimization of multiple workflows simultaneously. Overall, the platform allowed around 80 users, belonging to all companies involved in the project, to operate simultaneously for the project realization. In the first six month of use, around 5,000 documents were uploaded, revised, traced and approved in the system.

  • Efficient tracking of various types of different documents, based on personalized
    workflows and profiled from the user for publication and approval
  • Tailor-made training sessions monitoring on-going activities to support the
    management of the change to the new tool
  • Support in time management of all affected process documentation
    (engineering, technical validation, procurement and more)