Accruent - Resources - Infographics - 10 Steps to Make Your HTM & Facilities Departments a Strategic Asset - Hero

Published: Sep 20 2018

10 Steps to Make Your HTM & Facilities Departments a Strategic Asset

Accruent - Resources - Infographics - 10 Steps to Make Your HTM & Facilities Departments a Strategic Asset - Hero


1. Global data standardization & master data management.

Create and maintain an accurate data set for equipment and locations to ensure regulatory compliance and accurate reporting.

2. System wide administration, security, policies & procedures.

Develop standard enterprise-wide policies and procedures for ongoing training, support, system access, and security using a multi-tiered role-based model.

3. Asset & work order management.

Deploy and document LEAN corrective policies and procedures and checklists to enable process standardization, benchmarking and automation, with the objective of improving efficiency, productivity and uptime.

4. Regulatory compliance & preventive maintenance.

Deploy and document LEAN PM, recall and alert policies and procedures to support compliance and an Alternate Equipment Management program, with the objective of improving efficiency, productivity, and up-time.

5. Service performance management.

Ensure service level agreements with end customers are met/exceeded by introducing standardized business process and tracking performance, with the objective of delivering exceptional service at a lower cost system-wide.

6. Parts & supplies management & procurement.

Deploy and document an enterprise-wide parts inventory management system to track usage, automatically manage supply levels and automate the procurement and receiving process, with the objective to lower parts costs and reduce the amount of time spent ordering and managing parts and supplies.

7. Third party service management.

Deploy and document an automated contract management system to centralize and rationalize service contracts, proactively flag equipment under service contracts, alert managers to pending contract expiration, and automate the documentation and performance of vendors against their SLAs.

8. Environment of care (EOC) rounding.

Deploy and document an automated closed-loop system for assigning, distributing and completing EOC surveys, including any corrective tasks that need to be done, with the objective of improving compliance, simplifying reporting and reducing the time required to manage and fulfill EOC rounding requirements.

9. Interoperability & automation.

Deploy and document interfaces between systems and equipment to extend automation and deliver higher levels of service and improve productivity.

10. Enterprise performance management.

Define KPIs and create real-time dashboards and reports for all stakeholders to create a culture of accountability by improving visibility and communication across the organization; meet with stakeholders quarterly to review progress and identify areas for improvement.

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