EMS vs Outlook


EMS vs Outlook

EMS vs Outlook infographic

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5 things EMS can do that Outlook can't.

  1. Simplify recurring meeting patterns with conflict resolution. 
  2. Users have granular filtering tools and can favorite rooms. 
  3. Order key services like A/V and catering within Outlook. 
  4. View images, features and attributes for each room. 
  5. Organizations can gather key metrics and utilization data. 

EMS by the numbers:

  • The reported improvement in communication seen by surveyed customers using EMS as their meeting and room scheduling solution? 75%
  • The number of minutes wasted per day per employee due to double bookings created by multiple outlook calendars and manual processes? 30 Minutes 
  • The percentage of customers who reported that EMS has helped them create a more positive meeting experience for prospects, partners and customers? 69% 
  • The percentage of surveyed customers that gained insight into their organization's space utilization by implementing EMS? 44% 
  • The percentage of surveyed customers that reduced their overall costs and space utilization per employee with EMS? 36% 

And the winner is... EMS

EMS is the market-leading meeting room booking system. Thousands of leading companies and universities worldwide rely on EMS as their comprehensive, enterprise-class resource and space management software to power their dynamic work and learning environments. 

Learn more about how Connecticut State Colleges and Universities streamlined operations and improved scheduling with EMS. More examples? How about James Madison University or Texas A & M Universities? Ready for your university to be listed among these prestigious institutions? Schedule a demo today!  

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