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Published: May 04 2021

Facilities Software Solutions for the Connected Workspace

Accruent - Resources - Infographics - Facilities Software Solutions for the Connected Workspace - Hero

Facilities Software Solutions for the Connected Workspace

VX Observe

Provides remote monitoring and control of multiple equipment types to deliver maintenance and energy efficiencies. The configurable, hardware-agnostic platform provides multi-party real-time alerting and workflow management, including alarm management/triage for optimized reactive maintenance, predictive analytics/response, energy management, and configurable, integrated control capability.

VX Maintain

Comprehensively manages the full workflow related to reactive and planned preventative maintenance activities - from work order creation and dispatch to completion, invoicing approval and financial system integration. vxMaintain provides unrivaled visibility and control over assets, facilities and contractors, as well as managing compliance and related documentation.

VX Sustain

This enterprise refrigerant management module manages all events for refrigeration and Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems, including the capture of full system details, gas types and volumes, activity record capture and retention for F-Gas/EPA compliance, certifications, leak rate reporting and alerting, and follow-up check scheduling across the entire estate.

VX Field

End-to-end service delivery functionality to optimize the performance of simple and complex field service work. Intelligent work allocation, optimized resource scheduling and dispatch, performance management and fully integrated parts and inventory management.

An Integrated Solution Example

IoT Remote Monitoring and Energy

  • Hardware agnostic, extensive existing integrations, established API’s
  • Advanced alarm triage and real-time alerting
  • Multi-variant analytics engine for predictive issue detection
  • Priority based workflows to resolution with multi-party interaction
  • Configurable control capability for set point & schedule change

Data is normalised & filtered through a conditions rules engine. Less than 1% of the raw alarms entering the system typically requires action.

  • 35% Work Order Reduction
  • 10-15 Days Predictive Issue Alerting
  • 3-10% Reduction in Energy Costs

Facility and Asset Maintenance Management - VX Maintain & VX Sustain

  1. Proactive Maintenance: 10-20% Typical reduction in maintenance costs.
  2. Raise Work Order: ~20% Reduced time for work order creation.
  3. Dispatch to Contractors: 40% Reduced time for all parties involved in the quotes process due to electronic prep, dispatch, response, notices & approval.
  4. On-Site Attendance: ~80% Reduced time for all parties involved currently in manually researching and tracking down warranty information.
  5. Submit Completed Invoices: ~15-20% Cost reduction due to decreased invoice rejection/adjustment due to automated system tools, notification and audit trail.
  6. Review & Pay: ~30% Reduced admin time for invoice review and approval processes due to full online history, automated flagging & electronic routing.

Mobile Workforce Management - VX Field

  1. Schedule & Dispatch: 98% Typical number of calls/jobs automatically assigned to right technicians and optimised routes.
  2. Perform Work: >95% Typical SLA compliance through sending the right technicians to complete work at the right time.
  3. Dispatcher Efficiency: 400% Typical improvement in dispatcher/tech ratio due to automated scheduling and exception management tools.
  4. Manage Parts: 10%+ Parts savings due to parts allocation, procurement management and inventory tracking.
  5. Technician Performance: 15-40% Typical improvement in technician efficiency.

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