Improve Facility Management with Benchmarking


Improve Facility Management with Benchmarking



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Current Performance

Understanding if your building is performing over or under the identified optimal threshold is crucial to making decisions regarding whether or not you should make any changes.

FACT: If commercial buildings improved energy efficiency by 10% the collected savings would be about $40 billion.

Objectives and Process

Set clear objectives and define your process methodology in order to collect and analyze the data and determine if there are any gaps. The gaps will allow for deeper analysis into how to recalibrate the existing process.

FACT: 10% of companies only use internal benchmarking (comparing a single operation within your organization to another).

Budget Justification

Competing facilities may have implemented occupancy sensors which directly impacts their utility bill. Revisiting what your company has identified as best practices may help your facility run better.

FACT: Average number of square feet allocated per office worker = 309.74 feet



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