Accruent Sets New Benchmark for Regulatory Compliance in Manufacturing with Innovative Compliance Solution

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Accruent’s compliance solution offers integrated CMMS and EDMS designed to meet FDA and ISO standards, driving manufacturing forward

AUSTIN, Texas (April 16, 2024) – Accruent, the leading provider of workplace and asset management solutions announced today that the company’s best-in-class Maintenance Connection® CMMS now offers regulatory compliance for highly-regulated manufacturing industries to meet critical FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and ISO 27001 standards.  

The new compliance capabilities within Maintenance Connection reflect Accruent’s ongoing commitment to meeting the regulatory needs of the markets it serves by providing cloud-enabled solutions to drive business productivity. By integrating these new capabilities within Maintenance Connection with Accruent’s compliant electronic document management systems (EDMS), the company now offers the industry an unparalleled approach to maintaining rigorous regulatory standards with greater efficiency and reliability.

These new Maintenace Connection features include:  

  • One-click electronic signature to simplify compliance and ensure document integrity.
  • Audit trails for transparency and accountability in document handling.
  • Version control to keep procedures current and compliant with regulatory standards.

"Accruent continues to lead through innovation, and with Maintenance Connection, we're setting a new industry standard,” said Richard Leurig, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Accruent. “With the ability to integrate our compliant CMMS and our compliant EDMS into a single solution, we're not just meeting regulatory demands—we're defining a more efficient and secure future for compliance in highly-regulated industries, including pharmaceuticals/life sciences and other manufacturing segments."  

By offering an integrated, compliant CMMS with an EDMS, Accruent is not only responding to regulatory demands, but actively shaping a more streamlined and secure environment for the manufacturing sector. This advancement highlights Accruent's commitment to leading the charge in industry-focused solutions, offering a unique, integrated approach that is transforming the landscape of manufacturing industry standards.


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