Meridian for Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM)


Meridian for Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM)

Video transcript:

Your mission is to operate as efficiently, safely, and economically as possible. But problems often get in the way, unplanned shutdowns, re-work, accidents, non-compliance, equipment failure, and more. The impact these problems have on your organization can be huge; millions of dollars in lost revenue, fines and lawsuits, danger to workers, environmental disasters, public safety concerns, and serious damage to your organization's reputation.

Our mission is to make sure these problems don't get in the way of you achieving your mission. We provide software to manage your information throughout the asset lifecycle, helping your organization to be in control - by creating a 'single source of truth' that centralizes data/knowledge, compliant - by maintaining data integrity for reduced risk, and proof of control for easy audits, aligned - by empowering collaboration that connects your enterprise, including managing concurrent engineering, external contractors, and data handover, informed - by leveraging reports and dashboards to analyze performance and make better decisions.

We also provide the flexibility to work how you want - storing data in the cloud, or on a server, and working at your desktop or on your mobile phone or tablet.

Built on 30 years of specialized knowledge and experience, Meridian is the preferred solution for leaders in a broad range of asset intensive industries worldwide. It is currently trusted by more than 1,200 companies to manage over 1.5 trillion dollars of assets. Empowering the Asset Lifecycle today!