See how easy it is to create, assign, track, and complete work orders with Maintenance Connection - Accruent’s leading work order software solution. Streamline workflows, gain visibility, and save time and money.

How easy is it to create, assign, track, and complete work orders with the industry-leading Maintenance Connection work order management system? Watch this short video to find out and see how Maintenance Connection can help you to:  

  • Plan and execute preventive maintenance tasks without delays or bottlenecks in your workflows.
  • View detailed analytics and work order data to gain invaluable insights into your maintenance processes.
  • Easily access all the information that you need to effectively execute a work order request, such as inventory data, photos, and maintenance records.
  • View maintenance request tracking in real-time with Maintenance Connection’s work order request manager, prioritize work orders, and receive automated status updates.
  • Use Maintenance Connection’s inventory management feature to organize, purchase, and access your parts easily and efficiently in one central location.
  • Give technicians the ability to create, edit, and complete work orders directly from their mobile devices with Maintenance Connection Express.

Watch the video now to learn more. You can also delve deeper into the subject by reading our Knowledge Hub article. 

To learn more about Accruent’s industry-leading CMMS, Maintenance Connection, visit the product page.