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10 Step Webinar Series: Step 10 - Enterprise Performance Management Deep Dive

Discover the importance of enterprise performance measurement and other CMMS best practices to drive continuous improvement for your organization.

In our series “10 Steps to Make Your Healthcare Technology and Facilities Departments a Strategic Asset”, Al Gresch and Mike Myers share data and process methodologies to drive value and recognition for your department. In this session, we focus on Enterprise Performance Management.

In this webinar, Step 10 — Enterprise Performance Management, participants will learn how to do the following in their CMMS:

  • Incorporate internal and external performance benchmarks
  • Develop and implement Annual and real-time customer satisfaction surveys
  • Meet regularly and consistently with staff and executive leadership to review KPIs
  • Review best practices progress and prioritize initiatives to drive continual improvement
  • Provide ongoing training sessions for staff and customer base
  • Leverage your continual process improvement culture to identify and implement other opportunities


Al Gresch
Al Gresch
VP, Healthcare Strategy, Accruent
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