Optimize Real Estate Portfolio
Webinar On-Demand

How to Right-Size Your Real Estate Portfolio

It's a whole new world of real estate portfolio management. Get in on the discussion of optimizing your organization's real estate in this on-demand webinar.

The last few years have fundamentally changed the ways in which organizations use and engage with their real estate portfolio. Whether you are an employer eager to get your workforce back in the office, adjusting to a new normal of hybrid work, or a retailer developing an omnichannel strategy, your decision making across your real estate portfolio is more important and impactful than ever.

In this 30-minute webinar, we will explore how:

  • Utilization and talent acquisition is informing site selection
  • Omnichannel retail models are changing brick and mortar retail portfolios
  • Real Estate Transaction Management supports these needs


Liz Froehlich
Liz Froehlich
Product Owner, Accruent
Dave Wells
Dave Wells
Principal Consultant, Accruent
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