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Digital Twins and the Future of Asset Management

See how to ensure the viability of your digital twins by using high-quality asset information from a trusted EDMS such as Accruent’s Meridian.

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical asset. But, what good is the twin if it is corrupted with bad data?

Digital twins are used in the design and build of an upgrade or new plant to assure access to the current engineering data and documentation by the many organizations involved, including the EPC and contractors. This prevents the use of outdated documents with the resulting rework, costs, and delays. Digital twins are also used in the lengthy operate-and-maintain portion of the asset lifecycle. Here, they synchronize and automate the various business processes to assure the optimum performance of assets. For these twins to be useful, high-quality asset information and governance are required. Accruent’s Meridian software provides the data management, authorizations, and audit trail needed to underpin viable digital twins.

This 30-minute webinar starts with a 15-minute introduction by Ralph Rio, vice president, enterprise solutions, ARC Advisory Group. It is followed by a Q&A panel discussion with Ralph and Kevin Clark, global vice president, product and industry marketing, Accruent.

Watch this webinar to gain insights into:

  • Digital twin use cases for asset management
  • Key benefits of each type of twin
  • Avoiding pitfalls
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