Webinar On-Demand

Digitalization and Sustainability in the Industrial Workplace

In 2023, many modern organizations continue to struggle against the pressure to simultaneously digitalize their operations and drive sustainability programs. In this live webinar, Frederic Baudart, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Accruent, explores digitalization and sustainability from a maintenance and operation perspective, diving into:

  • How effective digitalization and implementation of Industry 4.0 tools can serve as a catalyst for true sustainability
  • The tools that are needed – including data aggregation, sensors, and M&R tools – to gather the data and insights
  • The role of manufacturing software like IoT sensors and CMMS/EMS systems to boost overall productivity
  • The relationship between sustainability and reliability, and how combining the two can automate processes, increase efficiencies, and create a digital thread of data

Learn about the future of manufacturing, green operations, and how to get it right.

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