Document Management for Retail – The cloud-based SaaS solution streamlining retail operations

June 26, 2024

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM PDT

Document management in retail often involves managing a complicated system of records. It entails creating, storing, updating and tracking different types of documents digitally, such as receipts, purchase orders, consent forms, employee documents, and waivers, as well as large-scale contracts, floor plans and compliance regulations.

Standardizing business practices while trying to manage documents over multiple systems can be a time-consuming, costly and confusing practice. Luckily, an Electronic Document Management Solution (EDMS) such as RedEye by Accruent can help.

The perfect complement to your existing CMMS, facilities or asset management platforms such as Lucernex, Famis or Service Channel, RedEye will create a secure, cloud-based hub for all your document management needs, optimizing your retail operations and allowing you to do what you do best, running your business.

In this webinar the Accruent team will outline the benefits of an EDMS and how it can help streamline operations in the retail sector:

  • Establish a single source of document truth
  • Reduce operating costs and time managing records
  • Ensure accurate data with version control tools and workflows
  • Protect documents and satisfy compliance regulations
  • Plus much more!

Register now to learn more about unlocking efficiency and gaining control of your document management process.


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Dan Fleck
Strategic Account Executive , Accruent
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