During this webinar, Accruent expert Rudi Pieters will do a deep dive into the new enhancements available via the Meridian Server 2022 R2 release. We will also discuss how these changes will lead to improved UI and increased productivity for Meridian users.

Specific enhancements that will be discussed include:

  • PDFTron 8 Viewer: PDFTron 8 provides an improved UI and improved commenting functionality. 
  • 3D IFC Viewer (evaluation): For Meridian 2022 R2, an evaluation version of the new PDFTron 3D IFC Viewer is available. It provides 3D visualisation of IFC models – including zoom and pan – and gives access to the object data stored in the IFC model. 
  • 12 smaller enhancements to PowerWeb and Explorer: These include highlighting the Quick Find search term in PDFTron and recursive undelete. 


Rudi Pieters
Rudi Pieters
Sr. Product Owner, Accruent
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