Webinar On-Demand

How to Extend the Medical Equipment Lifecycle to Create Deeper Cost Reduction

Learn how to prioritize, forecast, and control medical equipment capital expenditures, streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve patient care.

Average hospital operating margins have hit an all-time low – 1.6%. Hospitals are spending $93B per year on medical equipment lifecycle (MELC) and are missing savings as much as 12 to 16% due to “lack of accurate information, internal resources, bandwidth, and specialized expertise.”

In this session, participants will learn real-world approaches to:

  • Prioritize, forecast and control capital and replacement expenditures for immediate and long-term budgets
  • Improve patient care through streamlined processes, efficiencies, and cost reduction
  • Quickly generate and update accurate equipment budgets
  • Collaborate and centralize processes around capital equipment decisions
  • Reduce expensive change orders and project completion delays
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