Webinar On-Demand

How Smart Factories & Digital Plant Solutions are Transforming the Workplace

Explore action steps necessary to support your company’s evolution as you transition to a smart factory or plant.

During this on-demand session from Accruent Insights 2020, David Scarbrough, Product Manager at Accruent, and Karyn Thompson, Product Marketing Manager at Accruent, discuss smart factories and digital plant solutions.

During this on-demand Insights session, you will learn:

  • What a smart factory is and how smart factories developed following Industry 4.0 and the four “industrial revolutions”
  • The five must-have technologies that organizations should invest in while on their journey toward digital transformation
  • How the shift toward smart factories is transforming the workplace
  • The business value of having an engineering document management (EDM) and a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that are transparent to each other
  • The power of an up-to-date digital twin representation of your plant
  • How to champion change in your organization
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