In the past two years pharma companies have had to step up their game at an unprecedented pace to keep up with the demands of the pandemic. Coen Vromans, who has worked for over ten years with life sciences clients, will provide an overview of how the pharma industry has been tackling this changing landscape and how they can better prepare for the future.

For a deeper dive into the Meridian Cloud for Life Sciences product, check out our on-demand webinar.

Accruent’s Product Manager, in charge of the Meridian for Life Sciences product, will provide us with a glimpse into the thought and effort that went into the creation of this product:

  • What market challenges did Accruent set out to solve when designing this product?
  • Why did Accruent make such a big investment in a cloud product for a predominantly on-prem industry?
  • How did the product team know which features their clients would find the most useful?
  • What sets MC4LS apart from other products on the market?


Insights-Event - speaker - Accruent - Daniela Filip
Daniela Filip
Campaign Manager, Accruent