Published: Nov 21 2020

Lucernex Customer Perspectives, Featuring Jolene Hensiak of Best Buy and Lesley Williams of Dutch Bros Coffee

Webinar Date: Fri Nov 20 2020

Webinar Time: 06:00 AM UTC

In this on-demand session from Accruent Insights 2020, Lesley Williams, Lucernex Administrator at Dutch Bros Coffee, and Jolene Hensiak, Manager - Properties Systems at Best Buy, will discuss their experiences and successes with Lucernex.

During this on-demand Insights session, you will learn how Best Buy and Dutch Bros:

  • Successfully adopted and implemented Lucernex

  • Adapted Lucernex to match and work seamlessly with existing and propriety solutions

  • Used Lucernex to gain a broader understanding of their leases and real estate capabilities

  • Constructed employee paths and plans within the framework of Lucernex and existing solutions


Lesley Williams

Lucernex Administrator

Dutch Bros Coffee

Jolene Hensiak

Manager - Properties Systems

Best Buy