Published: Nov 18 2020

Maintenance Connection: Tips, Tricks & Best Practices

Webinar Date: Tue Nov 17 2020

Webinar Time: 06:00 AM UTC

In this on-demand session from Accruent Insights 2020, Paul Klein, Manager of Professional Services at Accruent, will discuss best practices and tricks for Maintenance Connection software, including how to use automations and notifications in the “Work Order” flow to maximize labor efficiency.

During this on-demand Insights session, you will learn:

  • How to find the right asset hierarchy configuration for your business and move assets accordingly

  • How to effectively standardize asset identifications in Maintenance Connection

  • Best practices for retiring assets that are out of services

  • Useful tips and tricks in the Maintenance Connection system, including how to navigate Conditional Formatting, how to create new assets, how to create required fields, how to disable field editing, and more.


Paul Klein

Manager, Professional Services