Published: Nov 28 2020

Managing Engineering Information for Operational Success, Pre and Post COVID

Webinar Date: Tue Nov 17 2020

Webinar Time: 06:00 AM UTC

In this on-demand session from Accruent Insights 2020, CAD Standard Specialist Matthew Mickle from Hydro One discusses how COVID-19 has affected the company’s engineering management strategies in Meridian.

During this on-demand Insights session, you will learn:

  • Best practices to help get engineering drawings out accurately and in a timely manner

  • How Meridian engineering document management (EDM) system can be used to effectively centralize engineering databases, track information, utilize metadata and eliminate duplicate information

  • How automations in Meridian can eliminate paper documentation, manual tasks, and third-party software to streamline information management throughout a facility’s lifecycle

  • The importance of having all personnel, including contractors and vendors, access one centralized, up-to-date system

  • How Meridian EDM can integrate with other business-critical systems, like SAP, AutoCAD and Excel

  • How Meridian can help teams maintain system security and regulatory compliance

  • How a robust EDM like Meridian can facilitate remote operations and communication across locations


Matthew Mickle

CADD Standards Specialist

Hydro One

Erick Quiroz

Senior Account Executive