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Partner Webinar: Virtual Selling in the Time of COVID-19

Pro Tips to Help You Get Results

Explore the challenges and opportunities of virtual selling during and after the pandemic.

During the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, businesses of all sizes and types have been forced to quickly pivot to virtual selling and it's a challenge all on its own. Travel restrictions, temporary hiring freezes, changes in market demand, and remote teams all create new challenges and make it harder to sell.

Get recording to better understand how both customers and sellers are reacting. Explore the best practices for selling during the current crisis via remote ways of working.

About the Presenter

Ian Szilagyi

Ian leads a team of 27 Business Development professionals generating SaaS pipeline across North America and Europe in a multitude of industries, including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Higher Education, Public Sector and Commercial Real Estate. Ian has focused on driving results through skill and process coaching, as well as the modernization of sales-stacks to account for the changing landscape of enterprise sales.

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