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Responding to the Pandemic Crisis Using Accruent Analytics

A Data-Driven Solution For FAMIS 360 Customers

Discover best practices for responding to the pandemic by using Famis 360's analytical data to drive company decisions.

As the numbers of reported COVID-19 cases rise around the country, it is necessary to ensure our buildings and spaces are prepared to reduce the risk of infection. The FAMIS 360 application stores all of customers’ critical asset, property, and space data. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us to change and respond with extra precaution. Facility and space managers need to respond quickly to our changing reality, and the best way they can do so is by having current data about the pandemic available in a reliable way to make critical business decisions.

The Accruent Analytics team has released a beta version of its COVID-19 Data Module for FAMIS 360 facility and space managers to view their property information in various reporting scenarios such as a heatmap of reported active case numbers. This webinar will show customers a demo of how Accruent Analytics could be used by their own teams to report on COVID-19 cases along side their existing FAMIS 360 facilities and space data. This data module can be used, at no additional cost, by customers with their own data. In addition, Accruent is offering customers limited, free access to the Report Author PRO tool of Accruent Analytics to be able to utilize this data module in such a manner.

This 60-minute webinar covers:

  • Using Accruent Analytics for FAMIS 360 reporting
  • Using FAMIS 360 reporting to include latest COVID-19 case data
  • Using Report Author PRO to upload external data sources and join data modules
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