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Unlocking the Future of Food & Beverage Manufacturing: Trends & Strategies

On one side, food and beverage (F&B) manufacturers face persistent inflation, supply limitations, regulatory demands, and consumer preferences that keep shifting.  

On the other side, solutions like digital transformation, advanced methodologies and purpose-built technologies can help you preserve margins and even expand your market share.

If you know how to use them.

In this webinar, Todd Beckerdite, Senior Maintenance Manager at Ajinomoto Foods North America, shared his invaluable insights about F&B manufacturing’s biggest problems in 2024:

  • Operating Costs and Labor Complexities
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Environmental Pressures
  • Creating Operational Efficiency Through Integrated Workflows

Let Todd and Accruent's experts show you how to tackle 2024's new (old) challenges.


Todd Beckerdite
Todd Beckerdite
Senior Maintenance Manager, Ajinomoto Foods North America
Tom Grisham
Tom Grisham
Sr. Product Manager, Accruent
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